How Your Philosophy Shapes Your Life

One of the great things about Divine Nature is that it's always there, ready to help you. Like any trusted friend, the more you turn to your Inner Wisdom, the easier and deeper the connection becomes. When you check in regularly with your Inner Wisdom, you open up the channels of communication. The support flows freely and you receive guidance you can use any time you need it.

On April 12, 2007, Singapore Law Society tells the government that the retention of gay sex laws cannot be justified. The existing gay sex law with comments are as follows:

Ying and yang. Left and right. Negative polarity and positive polarity. Sky and Earth. What do these terms all have in common? They all relate to various ways to describe the inherent masculine and feminine natures of individuals, animals, and objects.

True, this is a karmic situation. In this example of karma, Janice and Jim have shared many lifetimes together in which they've both cheated. Janice is reacting to her subconscious memories, even though she has no conscious memory of her past lives.

Through my work with clients over the years, I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work. Now I’d like to make these “prescriptions” available, in book form, for every gay man to use.

Every chapter of positive psychology is a unique concept as for importance but all of them seem to have internal connections among them. You will learn to take a more optimistic approach in every sector of life. Instead of avoiding pain to build competencies. Instead of feeling helpless to become helpful. The latter provides you self-esteem and thus happiness. Only someone who owes can provide and this is a great deal for your self-confidence. Happiness, you will see, is achieved internally. The belief that once I reach this point in my career or once I earn that amount of money or once I'll marry, I'll immediately become happy just doesn't work. There are studies on them and are typical examples of pursuit of happiness through external circumstances. Even on most people winning the lottery, their amounts of happiness had returned to base levels a few months after the event...

In our conversation, Gay talks about his childhood obesity and his former smoking addiction, and how a particular epiphany during his mid-20's completely changed his life outlook and made him permanently lose one hundred pounds. He also discusses the personal, self-imposed obstacles he had to overcome in his relationships and his work to achieve his own zone of genius, and how it is crucial for all of us to aspire to that goal to bring everlasting peace on this earth.